Satisfactory pursuit of study or training toward completion of an educational or vocational goal must be maintained. Students receiving VA benefits will be certified only for classes which are required for their declared program of study. Elective courses in the program will be certified.

Unsatisfactory progress can stop VA benefits. (Click hear for the MCC Academic Dismissal Policy; Scroll down to page 27.) Students receiving VA benefits who are placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters or dismissed for unsatisfactory progress will not be recertified for benefits until a minimum accumulated 2.0 grade point average has been achieved at the student’s expense. An appeal may be made to the Director of Financial Aid for special circumstances. The VA will be notified when a student remains on academic probation for two consecutive semesters or is dismissed for unsatisfactory progress. Students receiving VA benefits who receive incomplete or unsatisfactory grades are allowed one year from the end of the semester to complete the course and receive a grade. If the class is not completed in the year allowed, the VA may require repayment of funds received for the course.