The Perkins Attendance Cost Assistance Program may provide financial funding for transportation and childcare to individuals with disabilities, or economically disadvantaged, or those preparing for non-traditional fields, or single parents, including single pregnant women, or out-of-workforce individuals, or English learners, or homeless individuals, or youth who are in or have aged out of the foster care system, or youth with an armed services active duty parent who are enrolled in an eligible occupational program. This program is federally funded through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act and is subject to provisions of the Act.  Please contact the MCC Student Services office for an application or click here to download and print your own application.

The Department of Health and Human Services provide public assistance and training programs that can be used by students under certain circumstances.

As part of staff development plans and benefit packages, many employers reimburse their employees and their dependents for successful completion of college courses.

A variety of programs and organizations provide scholarships and financial assistance to those meeting specific qualification criteria. Contact local organizations offering scholarships, a high school guidance counselor, the Financial Aid Office or Counseling and Career Services for information.

State and federal funding is tentative at the time awards are made. MCC cannot guarantee substitute awards if anticipated sources of assistance do not materialize. The amount of financial aid is contingent upon full-time enrollment for each semester awarded on the award notice. If enrollment changes, the award is adjusted accordingly.