After you have registered for a semester, you are able to generate your charges once preliminary charges become available.
Choose the "My Account Balances" Option in the portlet above.
This will generate your charges.  Do not use this balance for payments. This balance includes all activity on your student account and could include transactions from other semesters.
After your charges are generated, choose "Student Semester Statement" under the heading "Get Your Semester Statement."  Next, choose the statement for the semester that you wish to view from the Semester Statements portal.
Log in to Choose the “Finances” tab in the dark green bar at the top of the page.
Choose “My Account Balances” under "Pay Your Balance." This will add or update your semester charges. (Do not use the amount due displayed. It is your total account balance, but it may not be your semester balance. Please check your semester statement for the correct balance. For your semester statement choose  "Student Semester Statement" under "Get Your Semester Statement.")
Choose “Make a Payment”.
Enter "Amount to Pay."
Choose "Submit", and provide payment information.
o   Debit card, Credit card, and e-check payment options are available.
o   (American Express is not accepted.)
Please note that generally Spring classes are billed in December before classes begin and those tuition and fee charges will most likely be included on your prior year 1098-T form. If you select a year to retrieve your form and all you receive is a blank page, you were not issued a 1098-T form for that calendar year. The timing of the Spring billing may be the reason. Please check you semester statements under Student Accounts.

If you have questions, please refer to our 1098T FAQ

Tuition and Fees are 100% refundable until the official drop date listed for each course on the student schedule. No refunds of tuition and fees will be made for withdrawals.

Refunds are processed after the conclusion of the drop/add period.

TIP eligible students must initiate use of the program within four years of graduating from high school.
Beginning with the Class of 2010, TIP expires six years after high school graduation.
Your program of study must be an associate degree or eligible certificate program to qualify. The definition of an acceptable certificate program: a certificate program must be a minimum of one academic year. An academic year is a period of at least 30 weeks of instructional time, and a minimum of 24 semester hours must be completed. Classes must be required by the degree or certificate program, be a prerequisite class, or a remedial class to qualify.
You must:
  •  be enrolled in a minimum of six credits for the semester.
  • not be incarcerated (does not include detention of a juvenile in a State-operated or privately operated detention facility).
  • meet SAP (satisfactory academic progress) standards.
  • not be in default on a Federal/State loan or must have re-established eligibility on any defaulted loans.

Up to 24 TIP credits may be used each school year.

TIP will only cover tuition and fees for credit hours, and there is a $250.00 limit on fees for each semester.
Beginning Fall'18 TIP students will be required to file a FAFSA application to be eligible for TIP benefits.
TIP letters are no longer required, but all TIP students should make sure that their college is selected each new school year. Select your college at or call 1-888-447-2687.

2018-2019 Nelnet Schedule

Fall 2018 Semester
Nelnet opens on July 2, 2018
Last day Required Number  Months 
to  Down of of 
submit online Payment Payments Payments
Jul 15 0% 4 Aug - Nov
Aug 1
20% 3 Sep - Nov
Aug 20
30% 2 Oct & Nov
  Aug 31
50% 2
Oct & Nov

Spring 2019 Semester
 Nelnet opens on November 6, 2018
Last day Required Number  Months 
to  Down of of 
submit online Payment Payments Payments
Nov 21
0% 5 Dec - Apr
Dec 19
20% 4 Jan - Apr
Jan 12
30% 3 Feb - Apr
Jan 18
50% 2 Mar & Apr

Summer 2019 Semester
Nelnet opens on March 18, 2019
Last day Required Number  Months 
to  Down of of 
submit online Payment Payments Payments
Apr 10
20% 3 May - Jul
May 15
30% 2 Jun & Jul
Jun 7
50% 1 Jul only
This convenient, interest-free payment plan is made available to MCC students through Nelnet Business Solutions.  The payment plan can be used to pay tuition and fees.
Payment Methods
  • Automatic bank payments (ACH)
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
Cost to Participate
  • $25 enrollment fee per semester
  • $2 enrollment fee for an immediate full payment
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned for non-sufficient funds
  • If a credit/debit card is used a convenience fee, in addition to the enrollment fee, will be assessed.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. When should I set up the payment plan?
 As soon as you register.  The earlier you set it up, the smaller the down payment and the more months you have to make the payments.  You must comply with the college due dates for tuition payments in order to remain registered for the semester.
2.  How do I set up a payment plan?  
Payment plans are set up through a student's account.  After logging in, the payment plan link is found by choosing the Finances tab, then the "Setup/Manage Nelnet Payment Plan" in the green box on the left side of the page.
Select "2018-2019 Fall" from the drop down menu.
Choose "Please click here to setup or manage your Nelnet Enterprise payment plan" and provide all the information requested.
Note: Be sure to print a confirmation before exiting Nelnet.
3. What do I do if my amount due changes as a result of a registration change after I have set up my payment plan?   
Your Nelnet account will automatically adjust to cover your new semester balance, but the adjustments are not immediate. (Updates must be completed in your MCC student account before your Nelnet plan will be updated.)
4. What if I need to change my debit/credit card or bank account information?     
Log into your account.
Choose the "Finances" tab.
Choose "Setup/Manage Nelnet Payment Plan" in the green box at the left.
Choose "Please click here to setup or manage your Nelnet Enterprise payment plan."
Choose the "Actions" drop down menu.
Choose "Change Financial Account."
5. What if I drop all my classes after I have set up a payment plan?
Your Nelnet account will automatically be adjusted and terminate. Refunds for each semester are processed approximately 1 week after the end of the drop/add period. 
6. How do I get a refund of my down payment if financial aid has been applied to my student account? 
Your Nelnet plan will automatically be adjusted, and your plan will terminate if your semester  balance is zero or below.  Any overpayments to student accounts as a result of Nelnet payments and estimated financial aid are processed once the Federal and/or State Financial Aid funds are received from the Federal and/or State Government.