Montcalm Community College Acceptable Use Policy

Montcalm Community College encourages the sharing of information, comprehensive access to local, national, and international facilities to create and distribute information, and free expression of ideas. General access facilities and infrastructure are provided to further these purposes. The facilities and infrastructure are owned and operated by Montcalm Community College, and access is provided to users who meet the qualifications and agree to the restrictions of this policy.

Computer facilities and infrastructure are provided for meeting the goals of the College and to provide access to local, national, and international facilities to aid in the achieving of those goals. There is an obligation by those using the facilities and services to respect the intellectual and access rights of others locally, nationally, and internationally. Any use of the facilities or infrastructure that is in violation of the guidelines listed below will be considered improper use, access to the accounts will be forfeited, the account will be deleted, and disciplinary action may be pursued. This policy applies to all technology resources: computers, phones, video equipment, copy machines, and information storage devices. The use of these resources is a privilege and must be treated as such by all users. The trust that defines this community requires that our technology resources be used for educational purposes, unselfishly, with good manners, and for the good of the community as a whole.



Access to the technology resources, facilities and infrastructure at Montcalm Community College is not a right but a privilege, extended to students, faculty and staff and the community, and used to enhance the rich and diverse learning environment considered important to the goal of enriching the lifelong learner. To this end the following is considered to be acceptable use of Montcalm Community College’s technology resources, facilities and infrastructure.


Acceptable Use

Acceptable use of College computer systems and     access to computer networks consists of activities that are consistent with the vision, mission and goals of Montcalm Community College. Commercial use of College computer systems is strictly prohibited.


Unacceptable Use

Adult material

Accessing or publishing pornographic or demeaning materials is prohibited. The Internet is the embodiment of the principles outlined in the First Amendment. This means that some material available on the Internet will be considered objectionable to others. Montcalm Community College is not responsible for materials accessed or published by users. The computer facilities are for the use of all, and students wishing to use the labs may not display, transfer or save magnetically or electronically, print or copy demeaning materials. This includes, but is not limited to, pornography, "how to" documents encouraging violence or illegal acts, and racist tracts or hate speech.


Use of the phone system, copy machines, or computer systems to send obscene or harassing messages anywhere or to anyone is prohibited.


Use of any technological systems for commercial purposes is prohibited. The computer systems, copy machines, video equipment, phones, etc., may not be used for private gain or any other commercial purpose.


Computing facilities and infrastructure will not be used in any manner which violates federal copyright statutes or regulations.


All users shall respect the privacy of others. A user's files and phone mail messages are private and shall be accessed only with the permission of the owner. College files are strictly off limits. Any attempt by users to access another user's or the College’s private files, phone, or email messages will be considered theft. It is unethical to even try to gain unauthorized resources or private information, either on the computer or telephone systems of this campus or any system to which has access via the Internet. Though sensitive information is protected in a number of ways, the proper use of passwords is important to the integrity of any computer system.

Installing, Downloading, or Using Software

The unauthorized installation or use of software on any College computer is strictly prohibited. Such activity includes but is not limited to downloading and/or using "chat" software, games, programming languages or utilities, etc.

Abuse of Hardware or Software

Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm, modify, or destroy data of another user, Internet, or other networks that are connected to the Montcalm Community College infrastructure and is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creating of computer viruses, attempts to remove or erase software which exists on the campus system. Also included is the destruction, removal or tampering of any technology hardware such as computers and peripheral devices, video equipment, copy machines, telephone equipment, etc.


Consequences for misuse

The consequences of the above violations will be in keeping with the College's disciplinary system. All are major violations of College policy. If there is clear evidence of abuse or a threat to system response, integrity, or security, a user's files may be inspected by the authorized College employees. For violations, a user's access to technology may be suspended in addition to probation, suspension, or expulsion from the College.


Acceptance of Acceptable Use Policy

The final determination of unacceptable use by any user, as defined by this Acceptable Use Policy, will be made by the Vice President for Administrative Services.

I have read, understood and will abide by the provisions and conditions of this contract. I understand that any violations of the above provisions may result in the revocation of privileges, disciplinary actions as stated above, as well as any additional appropriate legal action.

Parent or Guardian

Users under the age of 18 must also have the acceptance of the following by a parent or guardian who has read this agreement.

As the parent or guardian of this user, I have read this contract and understand that it is designed for educational purposes. I understand that it is impossible for Montcalm Community College to restrict access to all controversial materials, and I will not hold Montcalm Community College responsible for materials acquired on the Internet. Misuse can come in many forms, but can be viewed as any messages sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, and other issues described above.

I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my child's use of the technology resources and infrastructure is not within an approved setting. I hereby give my permission to issue an account for my child and certify that the information contained on this form is correct.