Pay to Print

All MCC students must pay to print. For each page printed, students will be charged 5 cents for printing one-sided black and white pages and 25 cents for one-sided color pages. Students may add money to their account to cover printing costs in the Student Services department in the Donald C. Burns Library/Administration Building, the CIS lab, bookstore or the library on the college’s Sidney campus and at the Stanley and Blanche Ash Technology and Learning Center (formerly the M-TEC) in Greenville.

Pay to Print Frequently Asked Questions


Why is MCC charging for printing? 

Pay-for-print was implemented to help reduce excessive printing on campus. Previously, because printing was considered to be free, there was a lot of wasted paper, toner, and ink. Thousands of printed pages were never picked up and had to be recycled.


Why can't the printing charge come out of fees I already pay?
Printing is not used uniformly by all students. Some students do little or no printing, while others may be printing more than their "fair share." Charging directly for printing will allow each student to control what he or she spends on printing. It may also allow departments to refocus funds that were previously used for printing toward delivering new and improved services.

How much does it cost per page?

You will be charged 5 cents for 1-sided black and white copies and 25 cents for 1-sided color copies. Color copies are available in the CIS lab.


How can I reduce my cost or amount of printing? 

·         E-mail documents to yourself or instructors (ask instructors what their policy is on submitting assignments.)

·         Download information or save it to your USB drive.

·         Write down information the old fashioned way, especially if you only need brief notes or the call number for a book.

·         Preview what you are printing to ensure you only send the print job one time and are only printing the pages you need.


What is my username to access my print account?
It is your MCC student ID number, which you use to login to MyMontcalm.

What is my PIN or password?
The same one you use for MyMontcalm.

How do I get my MCC ID number?
Contact Student Services or go to this page .

How do I release my print jobs?
Enter your MCC student ID number and password into the Release Station beside a printer.

How do I add money to my print account?
You may add money to your account by visiting the business office in the Student Services department in the Donald C. Burns Administration/Library Building, MCC's library, or CIS/Open Lab on the college's Sidney campus and at the reception area at the Stanley and Blanche Ash Technology and Learning Center (formerly the M-TEC) on the college's Greenville campus. Add only the amount of money you believe you will need because money left on your account will not be refunded. MCC suggests that you do not add more than $5 to your account at a time. MCC cannot be responsible for ID numbers that are used by others to access your account. It is your responsibility to ensure your account information and funds in the account are safe. 

What is the web address (url) for managing my print account? .


What happens if I pay for a print job and the printer jams and I don't get my print job? 

Ask a staff member to credit the charge back to your account.

If I print my two page document on one piece of paper (back to back), does it still cost 5 cents?
No. The cost is 5 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color, so double-sided printing would cost 10 cents for black and white and 50 cents for color.

Can I get my account balance refunded to me at the end of the semester, or if I quit attending MCC?
No. Please do not keep any more than $5 in your account. The safest practice is to keep only what you need for printing class assignments. There will be no refunds.