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Password Reset

Once you have clicked on the “Forgot Username/Password?” link, it will take you to the Password management page. Click the ‘Forgot My Password’ link, and you will be taken to a form that needs you to enter your username and MCC email address. 

Then click 'Continue' to be brought to your security/challenge questions. Answer them, and you will be brought to a form that will allow you to reset your password.

If you have any issues with your login, please contact the service desk at or 989-328-1246. 

Login Changes at MCC

Your login experience at MCC has been streamlined to start at myMontcalm and use your email address and password that you use for email and network.  You will then have one click access to Canvas, eBrary and other integrated systems. Office 365 utilizes the same login information which must be entered again. 

Users will now have the ability to change their own passwords inside myMontcalm. Verification of user' identity will be enabled in the form of standard security questions such as "Name of your first pet?" or "First name of childhood best friend" etc. In the event that the service desk has to be contacted for a password reset, rest assured the password is not visible to the staff.

If you have any issues with your login, please contact the service desk at or 989-328-1246. 

Single Sign On Through myMontcalm

All logins except Office 365 can be reached with a single click from myMontcalm. Office 365 requires users to login again with their email and password. 


Download Microsoft Office

Students enrolled for one or more credits at MCC can install Microsoft Office software for free on their personal computers through the Student Advantage program. 

The program provides access to Office 365 ProPlus, a full version of Office, including:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • ...and more!

Students can install the software on up to five computers, including Windows and Mac. Students can also access Office mobile applications on iPhones and Android phones. 

The software has the same features and functions as other versions of Office and can be used offline; however, students must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program. 

The Student Advantage program is being offered through the Office 365 student email and calendar system, provided by MCC in partnership with Microsoft.

Download and Install Office 365 ProPlus

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your student email address (typically and password
  3. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, and then select Office 365 settings
  4. Click Software in the left menu
  5. Select your desired Language
  6. If you are installing Office for Windows, Microsoft recommends using the 32-bit installation
  7. Click Install to download and install the latest version of Office

If your computer is not compatible with the latest version of Office, you can choose to select the previous version at the bottom of the screen in step 5.



Welcome to MyMontcalm, your MCC portal!  Here you can log in and access information directly related to your individual needs.  As a guest or non-logged in user, you are limited to what you can see in the portal. You obtain your login when you become an admitted student, faculty member or employee.

First Time Password Retrieval for Students

To get your initial password you must be an admitted student with your social security number and date of birth in your student file and know your MCC Id, or you must be a member of MCC's faculty or staff. Your user name is your MCC email address. To get your initial password you can go to this 1st Time Password Request Site or call the service desk at 989-328-1246.  

Once you have used myMontcalm and changed your password you will need to use the forgot password link or contact the service desk at 1-989-328-1246 or

Common Tasks

No Login Banner?

You may need to click refresh or use F5 in order to see the changes in our setup with a new login banner.