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Working with Data Mappings

The purpose of the Form Builder mapping tables is to ensure data captured within JICS is routed to the appropriate locations within the J1 database. Although you can set up the Form Builder forms to capture all types of data that may or may not relate to J1 Desktop data elements, it is important to understand that not all data automatically finds its way into the J1 Desktop database. Specific processes must exist in order to take the JICS data in its raw form, place it into temporary holding records, and enable it to be stored in permanent tables in the J1 Desktop application (either automatically or manually, depending upon the form type). Jenzabar delivers with the sample and default forms the mappings required to associate responses to the questions on the forms to J1 Desktop data elements.

The Apply Online, Make an Inquiry, Student Forms, Set FERPA Permissions, Employment Position Management, and Personal Info Update form types allow you to configure forms so that data entered by candidates, students, and job applicants can be reviewed by a user in J1 Desktop and then imported into your database. The Registration Agreement and Donor Profiles form types send data to J1 Desktop upon submission and automatically store data into both the submission holding tables and the specified J1 database tables. In order to take advantage of this functionality, you must map questions to specific tables and columns. You can also leave questions unmapped; however, if you do, the question's response will have to be processed manually. For additional background on the mapping process, see the Data Mapping and Managing Mapping Tables and Columns topics.


After any mapping changes have been made, whether additions, deletions or modifications, validate the form's mappings to ensure that all of the changes are valid for the form.