Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

View Worksheets

On the main page within the Budget feature, choose whether you want to view worksheets or line items from Worksheets to Prepare for Next Year or This Year's Active Budget.

In either year, you may search for worksheets by:

  • Line Item - Allows you to enter a full or partial Line Item Name or Code, or amount, and returns all matching line items within your permission set.

  • Worksheet - Allows you to enter a full or partial Worksheet Name, or amount,  and returns all worksheets within your permission set that include your criteria.

  • View All Available Worksheets - Shows all worksheets within your permission set.


    This option may take a while to display, depending on the number of worksheets that you have access to.

Budget to Prepare for Next Year

This section displays worksheets and line items under preparation that need to be reviewed, edited, completed, submitted, or approved.

The View pending and complete worksheets section displays worksheets or line items that are pending input from another budget officer before requiring your input or that you have already completed.


Use this section to quickly identify where a pending worksheet is in the process and communicate with other budget officers working on the same worksheet.

This Year's Active Budget

The This Year's Active Worksheets section displays worksheets and line items to which you have access belonging in board-approved budgets. You can review this list to get a quick picture on spending and access the worksheet to make any needed updates.


The sections that appear vary according to the status of the worksheets to which you are assigned and the role to which you are assigned on the worksheet. For example, if you are a Transfer Approver assigned to a worksheet that is a part of board-approved budget, you will not see the Budget to Prepare for Next Year section. For more information, see Worksheet Roles.