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Validating a Form

The Validate Mapping link allows you to validate the forms to ensure that the mappings are defined properly. When designing the form, you must make sure that it is validated and that it works as expected before giving access to users.

You will be notified if any of the following occur:

  • The mapping validation was successful

  • There are any mapping errors that need to be corrected

  • The database mapping is not complete (it is not necessary to map all questions even though it is often desirable to do so)

  • Dependent questions are associated with questions that do not exist or are not the correct question type


You can use the form if only warnings are displayed. However, you should review each of the warnings to ensure that you are okay with the current design of the form.

  1. Open the form for editing.

  2. Click on the Validate Mapping link to validate the form.

  3. Any errors or warnings due to your current mappings display in the Notifications section in the top right corner of the screen.

  4. Make changes to the mappings or the question definitions if errors are displayed.

  5. Re-validate the form to ensure that there are no errors prior to using the form.