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Use a Form User's ID to Auto Populate Form Questions/Fields


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

You can use a person's system ID number to automatically complete fields and questions on your form. For example, if a student is logged in to the Campus Portal or enters their ID Number in the form, their name, address, and email address information could be automatically completed on the form. This can save the form user time when filling out your form and by using information your school already has, you can prevent inaccurate information such as misspelled addresses.

For this feature to work:
  • A database connection string must exist. This ties your form back to your system so you can securely access and display information related to the person completing your form.


    See Set Up Database Connections for more information.

  • A J1 database query must exist or be entered in FormFlow as data source. This retrieves the information you want.


    See Create a Data Source for more information.

  • The fields/questions you want to display information based on the person's ID Number must be on the form. For example, the address, phone, and email fields.

  • The form question/field used to collect the person's ID Number must have the Look Up configurations set up. This maps the J1 database columns to the appropriate fields/questions on your form. For example, the Name Master table, Name column might be mapped to a name question/field on your form.


    See Question/Field Look Ups for more information.