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Timecard Entry Setup

Follow the guidance in the Configuration Checklist and the Standard Setup topics.In order for an employee to use the Timecard Entry portlet, they and their position must be designated as being available via Staff and their timecard must be selected as available for Staff to view and active to log hours against in J1 Desktop.

  1. Access the HR Employee Master via Payroll or HR Positions via Payroll window in J1 Desktop.

  2. In the ID # column, enter the ID number for the user to be available via JICS. The employee's information on the Name tab appears.

  3. Click the Positions tab. The position information for the selected employee appears. 

  4. Select the Show On Web? checkbox.


    If an employee has multiple positions within your organization, scroll down and select the Show On Web? checkbox for each position to be available via CRM Staff.

  5. Click the Save button.

  1. Access the Online Pay Periods window in J1 Desktop. A list of currently defined pay periods appears.

  2. To make a currently defined pay period active via Campus Portal:

    1. Locate the pay period to be active and available via Campus Portal.

    2. Select the Active checkbox.

    3. Select the Show Online checkbox.

  3. To define and activate a new pay period to be available via Campus Portal:

    1. Right-click and select Add Row.

    2. In the Period Code column, enter a code that identifies the pay period.

    3. In the Description column, enter a detailed description for the pay period.

    4. In the Allowed Hours column, enter the number of hours allowed for the pay period.

    5. In the Begin Date and End Date columns, enter the dates the pay period begins and ends.

    6. To make the pay period active, select the Active checkbox. Once a payroll period is active and available, hours can be entered against it.

    7. To make the pay period available online the Staff feature, select the Show Online checkbox.

    8. To indicate that the payroll period hours entered from Campus Portal into J1 Desktop have been uploaded, select the Uploaded? checkbox.

    9. From the Group drop-down, select the appropriate HR group code to which the payroll period belongs.

    10. From the Subgroup drop-down, you can select a sub-group for the HR group.

  4. Click the Save button.


To allow employees to view previous pay periods that are no longer active, they must still be selected as available for the Staff feature in Campus Portal.

  1. Access the Online Pay Periods window in J1 Desktop. A list of currently defined pay periods appears.

  2. Locate the pay period to be available via Campus Portal.

  3. Select the Show Online checkbox.

  4. Verify or deselect Active checkbox.

  5. Click the Save button.

There is no Campus Portal setup for this feature.