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Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

FormFlow - Forms provides the following pre-defined templates for schools with various licenses.

To collect online data privacy requests for your users, create a form using the provided data privacy request templates. Forms created using these templates are mapped so that the responses are captured in the Data Privacy activity center in J1 Desktop, where you can act on the requests. Customize the provided templates with information specific to your school, for example, your school's privacy policy information. You can use the Form Login Pages feature to present these forms to users when they log in to Campus Portal.

  • Use the Data Privacy Consent Request template when creating forms to ask your users for consent to use their data in a particular way, for example, a media request form. Users can grant consent, or decline.

  • Use the Data Privacy Data Request template to create a form so that users can request a copy of what personal data your school has on file and where it is stored.

  • Use the Data Privacy Forget Me Request template to create a form so that users can request that all of their personal data on file with your school be anonymized.


    Anonymizing  data can have far-reaching implications and can't be undone. We strongly recommend that you research the implications for your school and provide that information to users on the form you create.

Based on the type of event, you can configure the event registration template in one of the following ways:

  • A multi-part event registration form template that lets participants select and register for the events they are attending and pay any associated registration fees. When the participant enters their email address, existing information in J1 Desktop will automatically complete relevant fields.

  • single event with a fee registration form template that lets participants register for the event. Using ID numbers, the form builder can set up individual links to the registration form that will automatically complete name and contact information in the form when the participant goes to register. Participants can also pay their registration fees using the payment profiles associated with the form. The template is set up to use the event participant's ID Number to pre-populate several questions on the registration form.

  • A single event without a fee registration form template offers the same features as the single event with a fee without the payment configurations and options. The template is set up to use an appid, which includes the event participant's existing ID Number in J1 Desktop or participants in the External Person tables to pre-populate several questions on the registration form.

An online application form template includes standard application questions/fields related to an applicant's intended field of study, previous education, and contact and biographical information. It also has options to let them upload their personal essay and resume, and a feature allowing them to pay the application fee. Integration with J1 Desktop lets you process the application information and add it to their candidate record.

housing application form template creates standard form tabs and questions relevant for the housing application. You can set start and end dates for accepting form applications and also set an application fee.

The online giving form template has standard form tabs and questions that allow your institution to accept and receive online gifts. You can update, add, and remove tabs and questions as needed.