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Submission of Incomplete Forms

When the user clicks the Save and Finish Later button for a form (e.g., application form, inquiry form), the data is submitted to J1 only if the “SendIncompleteForms” option is set to True in JICS.


The Save and Finish Later option is not available for all submission types. If it is available, users see a setting that allows them to turn the Save and Finish Later button on or off in the Basic Form Settings screen.

Set the SendIncompleteForms Option to True
  1. Log in to JICS as an Administrator.

  2. Click the Site Manager link.

  3. On the Site Settings tab, click the Edit link for the Framework settings.

  4. Select ERP from the Select a Category drop-down menu.

  5. Ensure that the SendIncompleteForms option is set to True. If the option is not set to True, data will not be transferred to the ERP until the user clicks the Submit button when the form is completed.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. Click the Exit button.