Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Student Home Page

The Student Home Page is a central hub that gives you organized information at a glance: progress toward graduation, bills due, and upcoming registration periods. Alerts let you know when you have holds or need registration clearance. Each block on the page contains links to pages where you can view details or make changes. The categories include these:

  • Registration

  • Academics

  • Student Accounts

  • Financial Aid

  • Campus Life


Some blocks, links, and buttons may not appear if you don't have relevant information, if you haven't been granted access, or if your school doesn't use them.


The Registration block shows when planning and registration are available for the term you select. It shows how many hours you have planned (that is, placed on your planning calendar) and how many hours you have actually registered for the selected term. Messages alert you to holds, clearances, and approvals to resolve before you register. Information on the person to contact shows if it's available. The holds alert links to the Student Academic Information feature.

When planning or registration is open, a button takes you to the Student Registration feature where you can plan your schedule and register for courses.

  • Resolve a Hold: If an alert indicates you have a hold, click the alert. The Student Academic Information feature opens. There you'll find information on the hold and how to resolve it.

  • Select Courses for the Next Term: When planning or registration is open, click the Planning or Registration button to go to the Student Registration feature.


The Academics block has three sections: Academic, Advising, and Academic Plan Progress.

  • Academic: this section contains information for your classification, career GPA and career hours, and the date you're expected to graduate. The buttons are links to Student Academic Information page, to your grade report, and to your unofficial transcript. The Academics block gives you summary information at a glance. Click the buttons to view your details in these areas:

    • Student Academic Information page

    • Grade report

    • Unofficial transcript

    • Degree audit

    • Academic plan

    • Goals

  • Advising: this section lists your program and the catalog years. The Advisors link pops up a list of your advisors with contact information. Click their names to email them. The buttons are links to your degree audit, your academic plan, and your goals.

  • Academic Plan Progress: sthis ection tells whether you're on plan or off, and it shows how many of your requirements you've met so far.

Student Accounts

From the Student Accounts block, you can quickly navigate through all of your financial information. Use the buttons on the block to access the three new student features.

  • Make payment: this button will send you to the Payment Checkout page where you can make a payment on your total balance or on a specific payment plan due date.

  • View my financial account: this button will take you to the My Financial Accounts feature, where you can view your account details and history.

  • View available payment plans: this button will take you to the Payment Plan feature, where you can see your current payment plans, enroll in new payment plans, and make payments towards a due date.

  • Pick up your 1098-T now: this button will send you to the Financial Document Center, where you can view, print, or download your account statements and tax documents.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid block links to your Financial Aid Awards page so you can review financial aid you've received. It also links to your Financial Aid Document Tracking Center so you can see which documents the financial aid office has already received, and which ones they still need to process your financial aid application.

  • Awards: allows you to View financial aid awards. The Aid Awards List page displays your financial aid award information.

  • Documents: allows you to view received and missing financial aid on the Financial Aid Document Tracking Center. The Missing/Received Documents page lists the documents that the financial aid office has received for the specified award year. It also lists the missing documents still needed for processing your Financial Aid application.

Campus Life

The Residence Life block lists your meal plan, your campus address, and your room type. A pop-up shows your residence team. Buttons take you to the housing application and the roommate request. The buttons are enabled in a sequence to lead you through the process. Alerts let you know when it's time for the next step.