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Student Academic Information

The Student Academic Information feature provides a complete view of all your academic details. You can check your academic status, view your projected graduation date, and verify past test scores.

Feature Tabs

Navigate the sections of the Student Academic Information feature by clicking the Holds, Programs, Completed Programs, and Test Scores tabs. Each tab includes specifics of that section:

  • Holds: displays warnings and restricted actions in your student accounts.

  • Programs: displays the current academic programs you are working toward completing as well as all other active programs.

  • Completed Programs: displays degree programs you have finished, including majors of study and any honors awards you may have received.

  • Test Scores: displays any tests associated with your academic history, including placement tests or admission tests, along with their score and the date taken.

  1. Navigate to the Student Academic Information feature. Click the Programs tab.

  2. The names of any additional programs display beside Current Program.  

  3. Click the name of the program you want to view your majors for. The majors associated with the program display.

  1. From the Student Academic Information feature, click the Programs tab.

  2. Click the program you want to check the graduation date of.

  3. The year and term of your graduation will appear in the Expected Graduation section.

  1. Navigate to the Student Academic Information feature.

  2. Click the Completed Programs tab.

  3. Click the program you want to view. Information about your previous degree program's dates of entry and conferral, majors, and any honors you received will display.

  1. In the Student Academic Information feature, click the Programs tab.

  2. Select the program associated with the advisor you want to contact.

  3. Click the Advisors tab.

  4. Click the name of your advisor to open a new email message.

Holds indicate there is an issue with your record that may impact your ability to register for classes or obtain copies of your transcript or grade reports. Holds may vary according to your school's setup, but common holds include library fees, academic probations, or holds related to your account, such as an unpaid bill.

The Holds tab displays a description of your hold and information about how to resolve it. Contact information to resolve the hold will appear under the To resolve section. If no information appears, contact your school's registrar's office.

Information may not appear because it does not apply to your student academic record. For example, your account may not have any holds on it, or you may not have completed a degree program.  If this is the case, the Student Academic Information feature will display a message. If your information is missing in error, contact your system administrator.