Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Step 4: Update the Jenzabar Logo With Your Image


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

The applicant form template shows the Jenzabar logo on the Information tab. You can update the logo to your school's logo or another image of your choice.

  1. Access the application form Information tab.

  2. Right-click on the Jenzabar Logo question and select Properties to open the Edit Item pop-up.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. The question is automatically added to the left of the form page. Use the Alignment options to move it to the center or right.

  5. To adjust how wide or high the image appears, enter the percentage of 100 in the Width and Height fields (e.g., enter 50% if you want the image to be half the size).

  6. Add an image.

    1. From your local or network drive:

      1. From the Upload a File options, click Choose a File.

      2. Locate and select the image you want to upload from your local computer or server.


        Image file size limits are determined by your server settings. There are no limits on format.

      3. Click Open.

      4. Click Upload file.

    2. From a link.

      1. In the OR Enter Image URL field, enter or paste the website of the image you want to display in your form field.

  7. In the Help Info Text field, enter additional information or brief instructions for form users. 


    Help information is shown next to a help icon that shows your text when the user hovers over or clicks on it.

  8. Click Save.

  1. Access the website with the image you want to add.

  2. Right-click on the image and select Copy link address.


    This may not always be accurate. If the image links to something else, the address being copied copying will be the target of the link and not the source of the actual image.