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Set Up an Online Giving Form


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.


The online giving form template and mapping is only available for schools licensed to use the Constituent feature.

If your institution has a Constituent license, you will be able to utilize the Jenzabar-provided online giving form template. The  form template automatically creates standard form tabs and questions that allow your institution to accept and receive online gifts. You can update, add, and remove tabs and questions as needed.

When form users submit an online giving form, the gifts are processed as follows:

  • If the user is recognized in the database, the gifts are processed using the Process Online Gifts window in J1 Desktop.

  • If the user is not recognized in the database, the gifts are processed using the Process Internet Submissions window in J1 Desktop under the submission type 200 - Personal Information with Gift.

For These Features to Work
  • You must have a connection to the J1 database set up in FormFlow.

  • You must have read/write access to the J1 database tables the form is accessing and collecting information from.

Integrated connections to J1 Desktop using data sources are automatically set up when you import the online giving form template.


This template is set up assuming your school will be connected to the J1 database and standard J1 database tables.

The template provides an outline and can be customized if needed. However, if anyone questions are removed from the form template, Jenzabar highly recommends testing your form thoroughly to ensure that the form logic is sound and that there are no errors.

Steps to Set Up Your Online Giving Form
  1. Select the Form Template

  2. Set Up Payment Profile (Optional)

  3. Set Up Form Completion Options

  4. Set Up Access and Security Options

  5. Customize Form Fields

  6. Make the Form Available

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and access the FormFlow - Forms page that you want to add the online giving form to.


    Since both Campus Portal users and guest users will need to be able to access this page, Jenzabar recommends only adding content to this page that you wish for everyone to see.

  2. Click Manage Forms.

  3. Click Add Form.

  4. From the Choose a template drop-down, select online giving.

  5. Click Create.


    The Add New Form window closes and an online giving form based on the Jenzabar-provided template is created.


You do not need to set up the payment profile if you only wish to collect pledges on your form.  However, if you want to collect cash gifts, you will need to define a payment profile for your form.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and access FormFlow - Forms.

  2. Click Manage Forms.

  3. Open the online giving form.

  4. From the main toolbar, click the Tools drop-down menu and select Payment Profiles.

  5. Click the Edit icon for the profile provided with the online giving template.

  6. Select the Allow E-check checkbox to allow users to pay using an e-check.

  7. In the Show fee description field, edit the name of the payment profile to match what you would like the fee to be called.

  8. The Transaction code will come from your business department to ensure the transaction is coded correctly as a gift.

  9. In the Default fee amount field, leave the value as 0 since the total amount will be calculated based off of the gift information entered by the user.

  10. In the Email address to notify on failed payment field, enter in the email address of the gift entry staff that will be notified and will contact the donor when a payment does not go through.

  11. Click Save Profile.

  12. Click Done.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and access FormFlow - Forms.

  2. Click Manage Forms.

  3. Click on the form you want to update. The admin view of the form displays.

  4. Click the On Finish tab.

  5. To use reCaptcha to validate users before the form is submitted, select the Use reCaptcha check box . If you are not using reCaptcha, proceed to Step 4: Configure Submission Options.


    This feature requires a Google reCaptcha account. reCaptcha is a validation feature that ensures the form user is a human and protects your site from bots.

    1. In the Public Key field, enter the Google reCaptcha-provided public key.

    2. In the Private Key field, enter the Google reCaptcha-provided private key.

  6. To show a message to users once the form has been submitted, select the Display a Message to the User check box and use the field and formatting options to enter your message. You can use @@ data sources to add replacer text and show personalized information such as their name.


    Let the form users know the form has been submitted, provide additional instructions, or contact information for more information.

  7. To send form users to another website once the form is submitted, select the Transfer to Web Page checkbox and use the available field to enter the appropriate URL.


    Send form users to your school's main website once they submit the form.

  8. Click Save Settings.

  1. Open the online giving form for editing.

  2. Review the form carefully, beginning on the first tab, and add or edit any form questions and map fields appropriately.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and navigate to the page with FormFlow - Forms.

  2. From the Admin Toolbar, click Access.

  3. Click on the Everyone role.

  4. Click the button to toggle it to Visible.

  5. Click the Back to... link.