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Set Up an Online Application Form from a Template


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.


The online application form template is only available for schools licensed to use the Candidate feature.

The online application template available with the FormFlow - Forms feature includes standard application questions/fields related to an applicant’s intended field of study and previous education, and contact and biographical information. It also has options to let them upload their personal essay and resume, and a feature allowing them to pay the application fee.

Integrated connections to application software using data sources are automatically set up when you open the application form template. The template also provides information about the set up you need to do to populate the information correctly and save the information back to your application.

For These Features to Work:
  • You must have a connection to the J1 database set up in FormFlow.

  • You must have read/write access to the J1 database tables the form is accessing and collecting information from or saving information to.

  • Questions must retain the correct unique IDs. Removing a question or changing a question's unique ID can impact how these features work.


This template is set up assuming your school will be connected to the J1 database and standard J1 database tables.


This template uses several dependencies. For example, when the applicant selects a state only those schools related to that state are available in the next question. If you remove or change the properties of a related question, you may cause information to not appear correctly.

The template provides an outline for common online applications. It can be customized as much as needed. You can add and remove, reorder and rename the questions, tabs, and buttons. Jenzabar recommends reviewing each of the steps to understand how the form works before making your updates.

Template Steps

Follow these steps to set-up your online application form from the template.