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Question/Field Types


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

Questions/fields are the building blocks of forms. They let you collect information from the people who fill out your form. Questions can also include buttons and images. Each form question type must exist in a row. Click on a question/field type below for more information about that type.

Question/Field Type



The Button question type is commonly used for cause and effect. This means that when the form user clicks the button, they cause something to occur. Common form buttons include navigation buttons that save a user's progress as they go, save buttons to save progress, or submit buttons to finalize and send the form to the appropriate location. To add this functionality to buttons, you will need to set up rules for each button on the Rules tab of the button properties.


The CheckBox question type lets people select one or more answers from a list of choices.

Collection Grid

A collection grid allows you to create one question and collect multiple pieces of information. For example, the online application template lets you collect information about several schools the applicant previously attended, but treats it as one piece of information. If you are sending information back to your desktop application, this means the information will be stored as one row.

Each collection grid should have one or more fields of information that it is collecting. Each field or question the grid is collecting is called a source question. All source questions, including the button that adds the information to the collection grid, are tied to a stored procedure.


The Datepicker question type lets people choose a date and time using a pop-up calendar.


The Dropdown question type lets people select an answer from several choices. This question type is ideal for presenting a long list of options without cluttering your form.


The Essay question type lets people enter multiple lines of text. For example, people can respond to essay questions or enter open-ended comments/feedback.

File Download

The FileDownload question type lets you to upload a file that will be available for form users to download. You might want to create a printable version of the form and make it available as a PDF or attach a file that includes a list of regulations related to an application form.

File Upload

The FileUpload question type lets form users upload and attach a file to their form entry.


For this question to work, the File Upload Root must be set on the question properties' settings tab.


The Hidden question type lets you add information to your form that only other form builders can see. You can include instructions for setting up the form.


The Image question lets you add a graphic such as a promotional image, picture of your campus, school logo, etc. to your form. You can upload an image from your local or network drive, or enter a link to an image.


The Label question is standalone text and typically used for providing instructions to form users. It does not collection information; it only displays information to the form user.


The Placeholder question doesn't collect information it adds blank space to your form.

Radio Button

The Radio Button question lets people select one answer from several choices.


The Textbox question type lets people enter a single line of text. For example, people can enter responses to simple questions.