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Personalizing Completion Messages

You can include information provided by the user when filling out the form in the completion message that is displayed after the submission to personalize the message (for instance, with his or her name). To do this, simply put a variable in the text of your message that refers to the question whose data you want to use. This variable should be in the following format: {S#Q#} with the "#" replaced by the section and question number (respectively) of the question to which you want to refer.


If "FirstName" and "LastName" are the first two questions in the first section of your form, you could start your message with something like the following:  

"Dear {S1Q1} {S1Q2}, Thank you for completing our application . . ."  

If a candidate named John Smith submits the application, his completion message would read:  

"Dear John Smith, Thank you for completing our application . . ."

You can use the response to any question on your form in this way, but there are a few notes to consider:

  • If you use a variable that refers to an optional (i.e., Not required) question, be sure it is formatted in a way that will still make sense to the user if the answer is not provided (and therefore, nothing will be shown in place of the variable). When in doubt, make a question required if the response is important for your completion message.

  • Because the variable references the specific order of the questions within a section, if you reorder your questions (or add new questions earlier in the section), you may have to change your variables.


    If you added a new question at the start of your hypothetical section above for "Title," you would need to adjust the reference to the "FirstName" and "LastName" questions to be {S1Q2} & {S1Q3}.

  • Be sure to reference an existing question. If the variable does not correspond to an existing question, the token displays as static text in the message.