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My Unofficial Transcript

The My Unofficial Transcript feature allows a student to generate and display their Unofficial Transcript by Division. The Unofficial Transcript displays the same information as an Official Transcript, which includes GPA information and detailed course information by Year and Term. A student can also print the Unofficial Transcript.


A parent or other person may view the unofficial transcript of a student if that student has granted appropriate permissions.

Competencies on Transcripts

Your school might show competencies on the transcript. Competencies can appear in either or both of these places:

  • Integrated with the course section they're assigned to

  • Listed all together at the end of the transcript (including grades, credits, and/or hours if any exist)

Competencies appear only if the student has met their requirements. They may include grades, hours, and/or credits.

  1. From the My Unofficial Transcript feature, click the View Unofficial Transcript link.

  2. The Unofficial Transcript is displayed by Year and Term.

  1. From View My Students feature, click the appropriate student name link.

  2. On the student's screen, click the Unofficial Transcript link.

  3. Select the appropriate Division to view that transcript.

  4. If available, click the Custom Transcript link to generate a PDF file that you can print or save to a designated location.

The report uses the student's ID rather than the name.