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Setting Up My Unofficial Transcript

J1 Desktop Setup

Several features allow the user to create custom reports that the user can see from within the feature. During installation, several reports (InfoMaker .pbl files) are copied into default directories on the web server that these features access. Update the location of the customized reports for the My Unofficial Transcript feature.

  1. Open the UI Configuration window.

  2. In the Category Name drop-down list, choose Registration.

  3. Locate the row for ReportPBLPath.

  4. In the Value column, enter the location of the .pbl for the Registration module.

  5. Locate the row for UnofficialTranscript.

  6. In the Value column, enter the name of the report in the .pbl.

  7. Click the Save button.

  1. Open the Registration Configuration window.

  2. Click the Repeat/Transcript/GPA tab.

  3. In the Recalculate Academic Record Controls group box, choose the Number of Decimal Places to Use in GPA

  4. Click the Save button.

  1. Open the Hold Setup window.

  2. Click the Hold Definition tab.

  3. Select the Show on Web checkbox for each Hold Code to be displayed in the My Unofficial Transcript feature. 

  4. Click the Save button.

Campus Portal Setup
  1. Log in as the Campus Portal administrator.

  2. From the My Unofficial Transcript feature, click the Setup menu option.

  3. On the Portal Settings page

    1. Select the Display Transcript Notes checkbox if you want to display Transcript Notes (if available from the server) on the Unofficial Transcript.

    2. Select the Display Transcript Summary Table checkbox if you want to display the Summary Table at the top of the Unofficial Transcript.

    3. Select the Display Transcript Term Totals checkbox if you want to display the Term Totals line for each term on the Unofficial Transcript.

    4. Select the Display Transcript Career Totals checkbox if you want to display the Career Totals line (if available from the server) for each Term on the Unofficial Transcript.

    5. From the Reports to View drop-down list:

      • Choose Custom to display the link to print the custom Unofficial Transcript (if one is available and defined on the server). If you choose Custom, enter text in the Custom Report Link Text box to be displayed for the link to the custom Unofficial Transcript.

      • Choose None to display no link. In other words, the user will not be able to print the custom Unofficial Transcript even if one is available and defined on the server.

  4. Save.