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My Course Schedule

The My Course Schedule feature (formerly the Student Schedule feature) allows Students to view their schedule (courses for which they are currently registered or preregistered) for the current term for all divisions. However, they can view their schedule for a different term or a specific division by choosing the appropriate values from the Term and/or Division drop-down lists. Also, a parent or other person can view a student's schedule if that student has granted appropriate permissions.

The feature displays:

  • Course code

  • Title

  • Credits

  • Status

  • Grading Type

  • Instructor (Faculty)

  • Meets (Class Time)

  • Dates

  • Room

  • Textbooks (optional; if shown, will display Course Textbooks)


The Course code is linked to Course Details for the course.

  1. Open the My School Schedule feature.

  2.  The feature displays your schedule for the current term for all divisions.

  3. If you have preregistered for future terms, you also view those schedules:

    1. Choose the appropriate Term.

    2. Choose the appropriate Division.

    3. Click the Search button.

  4. To view course details for a particular course, click the Course link.

    1. On the Course Details screen, you can click the All courses in the Department, Undergraduate Division link to view these courses.

    2. On the Search Results screen, you can:

      1. Search again using different Term and Division.

      2. Click on a Course Code, which opens the Course Details screen for that course. You can click the Add this course link to add the course to your schedule.