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Major Exploration

The Major Exploration feature (formerly the Major Exploration and What If Scenarios feature) uses some of the screens from the My Course Needs feature to provide students with information on what is required to complete the selected program. Also, a parent or other person with appropriate permissions granted by a student may also use this feature.

The screen displays details of the Course Requirements needed for the scenario.

  1. From the Major Exploration feature, choose the appropriate program from the Major/Minor drop-down list.

  2. Select the Apply My Courses checkbox if you want to apply your current class history.

  3. Click the View button.

  4. The Program Requirements screen lists the requirements that must be satisfied for successful completion of the selected program.

    1. If a requirement is not met, it is displayed as a hyperlink. Click on the hyperlink if you want to view the specific course needs for that requirement. Click on the See available courses... link (if available) to view courses that would meet that requirement.

    2. You can also print a Custom Needs Report by clicking on its link.

  5. If you have been given permission to recalculate student progress, click the Recalculate Student Progress button to retrieve updated information from J1 Desktop.

  1. From the View My Students feature, click the appropriate student name link.

  2. On the student's screen, click the Major Exploration link.

  3. On the Major Exploration screen, select a program from the Major/Minor drop-down list.

  4. If you wish to apply your courses to the program, select the Apply My Courses checkbox.

  5. Click View.

  6. The Major Exploration screen displays detailed information on the requirements needed and accomplished for a specific aim. Each Requirement is listed, along with information specific to that requirement.