Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Key Terminology

The following terms are used in the creation of forms:

  • A Category has two different meanings, depending upon which feature you are viewing.

    • Apply Online and Student Forms features use categories to group like forms together for display to the user. Permissions can also be set for each category to allow for greater control over which users see which forms. The category name is displayed to users in the JICS roles with permission to view the category, and all activated forms associated with the category are displayed below the category name.

    • The Donor Profiles feature displays sections of data to the user, and each section is referred to as a "data category" (or "category" for short). Editable categories [those with a green plus icon (Green Add Icon) to allow for new data to be submitted and pencil icons (Edit Icon) to allow for the editing of existing data] have a corresponding form that has the same name as the category name.

  • A Section is a logical grouping of questions within a form. Every form must have at least one section. Each section can be customized with introductory text and images.

  • A Header is used to group related questions within a section. You may want to use headers on a lengthy section to break up the page visually.

  • An Introduction is text used to preface the main body of a form. The introduction can consist of text, an image, or both. It is displayed as a section that precedes the rest of the form content.

  • Instructions text is used to provide guidance to the user on how to complete the form. Instructions can consist of text, an image, or both. Instructions are displayed as a separate section that comes after the introduction if one exists; otherwise, instructions precede the rest of the form content.


    Forms in the Apply Online, Make an Inquiry, Student Forms, Set FERPA Permissions, and Staff Employment Position Management/Employee Position Application features show each section, the introduction, and any instructions as separate pages.

    Forms shown in the Add/Drop Courses, Student Registration, and Donor Profiles features display all of the information for the form on a single page.