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Generate View


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

Views let you create a 'flattened view' of the form in the ICS_NET database. The view is based on the current form and if the form changes, the view may need to be regenerated. You must have System Administrator credentials to generate the view.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and access FormFlow - Forms.

  2. Click Manage Forms.

  3. Click on the name of the form you want to update.

  4. From the Tools menu, select Generate View.

  5. Enter the name of the view you are creating in the View Name field.

  6. Enter a username with permissions to create views in the ICS_NET database in the Username field.


    These credentials are not stored, so this is typically the System Administrator user.

  7. Enter the Password for the username entered in step 6.

  8. Click Save.