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Form Submission Review Process

When a user submits a form, the data entered on the form is automatically stored in holding tables in the J1 database along with the mapping column information for each piece of data. The Registration Agreement and Donor Profiles form types are processed automatically and require no additional intervention to get the submitted data into the appropriate J1 Desktop tables. Submissions for the Apply Online, Make an Inquiry, Student Forms, Set FERPA Permissions, Employment Position Application, and Personal Info Update form types need to be processed manually. During the manual processing, a window is displayed to the person reviewing the submission allowing them to see the submitted information and compare the submitted values to the existing values in the database. The submission reviewer can then choose whether to keep an existing value as is or to save the submitted value to the corresponding mapping column in the database.


The Personal Info Update form type has one piece of data that is updated automatically upon submission. Once the student submits their data, the STUDENT_TERM_TABLE is updated for the year and term specified in the submission to indicate that the student has submitted their information. This allows the student to immediately continue with registration through the Add/Drop Courses or Student Registration features. There is no data mapping that needs to be done on the Personal Info Update form for this automatic update to occur.