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Frequently Asked Questions

Form Builder FAQs

Form Builder is only accessible through several CRM features. You need to add one of the features and create or edit the form through the feature to open the form in Form Builder.

After you’ve added a table column to the J1 Desktop Manage Mapping Table window, you also need to make sure the column is available for mapping for the form type on the Review Submission Mapping Details window. Go to the Internet Submissions window, select the form/application in the Submission Type column, and click the Review Mapping Details button. From the Review Submission Mapping Details window, make sure that the new column is listed and the Is Available For Mapping checkbox is selected. Clear the JICS server cache for Application data via the JICS Site Manager screens in order to pick up the changes.


You need to make the column available for mapping for each submission type.

No, in order for a form to become active, all questions must be validated. When you click the Validate Mapping link, you either see a confirmation that your mapping validated successfully or a red note with the database mapping that was not validated. Some mapping is optional, but Jenzabar recommends that you validate all questions before making the form active. You see a blue note if there are optional questions that were not validated.

Candidate Features FAQs

You may want to have a different form for undergraduate and graduate programs. Also, if you have any specialized programs, you may want to have a separate application form where you can ask more specific questions.

While only one form can be active on each Make an Inquiry feature, you can add multiple instances of the feature to a page. Any forms created are available on each instance of the feature. You can also change the name of the feature so the Make an Inquiry title doesn’t repeat on the same page.

Student Features FAQs

Student Registration is the new and improved version of the Add/Drop Courses feature and it works with the J1 Desktop and J1 Web products.

When using the Student Registration feature, you need to make sure that the following tasks have been completed:

  • On the Web Registration Group Definition window, define any Web Groups needed for your school.

  • On the Student Information > Student tab > Student Master subtab, for each student that needs access to the Student Registration feature, the Tel/Web field in the Student’s Groups section must have a Web Group selected.

  • On the Year Term Subterm window > Year/Term Control for Web Registration Groups tab add a row(s) with a Web Group. Each row should also have an appropriate Add and Drop Begin/End dates. Any student with the Web Group applied to their Student’s Groups (from the previous task) will have access to the feature. In order for students to see the feature and register for courses or access forms, they need to be in one of the Web Groups defined on the tab.