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Set Up Financial Aid Document Tracking

J1 Desktop stores the ODBC profile name, login ID, and password in the PowerFAIDS Database Connection to allow both J1 Desktop and the Campus Portal to open an ODBC connection to access the PowerFAIDS database. The PowerFAIDS Database Connection data should already exist in J1 Desktop as it is required for Financial Aid Manager. Use the following steps to confirm that is exists.

  1. Open the Financial Aid Configuration window.

  2. Click the PowerFAIDS Database Connection... button.

  3. Choose the appropriate PF Database Profile from the drop-down list.


    If you do not see the ODBC profile name you created in the PF Database Profile drop-down list, it may not exist on the machine on which you are running J1 Desktop. The drop-down list displays all 32- and 64-bit System DSN profiles. You may need to create an ODBC connection so that it appears in the drop-down list.

Other than the General Setup, there are no Campus Portal-specific setup processes for the Financial Aid Document Tracking feature.Campus Portal Setup