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Set Up Faculty Course Center


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

J1 Desktop Setup

You can configure for the display of courses and textbook entry.

Controls can be set for the display of courses in LMS, Student features, and Faculty features. You may want to display some courses for faculty to access in the Faculty Course Center feature but not be available in the Course Schedules feature for registration.

  1. Open the Courses window to the Course tab.

  2. Select a course.

  3. Click the Web subtab.

  4. In the Show On Web drop-down, select one of the following options:

    • LMS & Web for Students and Faculty (all)

    • LMS & Web for Students Only

    • LMS & Web for Faculty Only

    • Web for Students Only

    • Web for Faculty Only

    • Web for STudents and Faculty

    • None

    • LMS

If you allow textbook entry via the Faculty Course Center feature, one of two things happens.

  • When a user adds a textbook that already exists in the Textbook Definition table in J1 Desktop, a new row for this textbook is saved in the Textbook Table (Courses and Textbooks window).

  • When a user adds a textbook that has not been defined in J1 Desktop, a new row for this textbook is first saved to the Textbook Definition table and then a row is created in the Textbook Table; and, if cost and prices are entered, then one or more rows are created in the Textbook Cost Price table. J1 Desktop provides default data that the feature uses to create the Textbook Cost Price table rows. For each Pricing column in the feature, one row is created for each of the following:

Feature Textbook Column

Cost/Price Type

JICS Cost/Price Type

New ($)

JN - JICS New Book

N - New Book

Used ($)

JU - JICS Used Book

U - Used Book

Rental ($)

JR - JICS Rental Book

R - Rental Book

  1. Open the Registration Configuration window.

  2. Click the Registration Configuration tab.

  3. Locate the Textbooks group box.

    1. From the Description Format drop-down, select HTML if you wish the descriptions for textbooks to display with HTML formatting in the Campus Portal.

    2. Select the Allow Textbook Entry in Faculty Course Center checkbox.

  4. Save.

Campus Portal Setup
  1. Log in as the Campus Portal administrator.

  2. From the Faculty Course Control feature, in the Go Directly To drop-down, select Class List.

  3. On the Class List screen, click the Set Options menu. Changing these user options affects the feature on all pages in the portal.

  4. Select the appropriate Search Options.

    • Include Registered

    • Include Withdrawn

    • Include Waitlisted

  5. Select the appropriate Display Options.

    • Show if Graduating

    • Show Grading Type

    • Show Grade (If Permission) - student has given permission for grades to show

    • Show Credit Hours

    • Show Only Graduating Students - students who are scheduled to graduate in that same year and term

    • Show Photos

  6. Click the Save button.