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Setting Up Event Requests


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

There are setup tasks in both J1 Web and the Campus Portal.

J1 Web Setup

Some setup in J1 Web Events is required for the Event Requests feature in the Campus Portal to work. The J1 Web setup lets you configure an Event Requests team that gets alerted when an event request is submitted via the Campus Portal. Additionally, you can indicate the Default Event Type used for submitted requests, and you can designate the "From" email address used for responses to the requester.

  1. Sign in to J1 Web as an events module manager with permission to manage Event settings.

  2. Navigate to the Manage Event Settings page.

  3. To edit a setting, click in its field. These are the settings:

    • Events Requests Team: Sets which users will receive notifications when an event request is submitted via the Campus Portal. These users are automatically assigned as event coordinators to the events when they are passed into J1 Web. Assign one or more event coordinators to the Event Requests Team.

    • Event Requests "From" Address: Determines the email address that will be sent out as the "From" or outgoing address for the event request confirmation emails.

    • Default Event Type: Sets the default event type for Campus Portal events. The event type can be changed when the request is reviewed.

  4. When you finish updating a field, click the Save button beneath it.

Campus Portal Setup

Follow these steps to designate the fields that display in the Resources Needed section on the Event Request page.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as a user who has access to administer the page that the Event Request feature is on.

  2. Navigate to the Event Requests feature.

  3. Click the Manage Event Request settings link. The Event Requests settings page appears.

  4. Choose whether the Resources Needed section shows on the request form.

    1. To have the Resources Needed section appear for requesters, clear the Hide 'Resources Needed' section checkbox.

    2. To keep the Resources Needed section from appearing for requesters, select the Hide 'Resrouces Needed' section checkbox.

  5. If the Resources Needed section will show, select the items you want to make available. On the form, each item includes a text box for users to enter details.

    • Facilities Setup

    • Catering or Food Services

    • IT or Audio/Visual Equipment

    • Event Parking

    • Security

    • Other

  6. Click Save Changes

No. Currently, only the provided fields are available.