Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Employment Position Application Setup

Follow the guidance in the Configuration Checklist and the General Setup topics.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and navigate to the appropriate portal page.

  2. From the Admin Toolbar, click Access. The Access page appears.

  3. Click on the Campus Portal role you are setting up permissions for. If the role has not already been granted access to the page, click the button to toggle it to Visible.

  4.  Additional permissions appear.

  5. To grant administrative privileges to a Campus Portal role, click the button for the Allow this role to manage this page  permission to move the toggle to "Yes".  Administrative permissions will allow the users in the role to add or remove features and set page and feature level permissions.

  6. From the in Employment Position Application they can: section, use the toggle buttons set permissions.

    • To give this user role access to a global operation on the page, click on the  button next to the global operation. The button toggles to Yes to indicate that the role now has that permission.

    • To remove this user role's access to a global operation on the page, click on the  button next to the global operation. The button toggles to No to indicate that the role no longer has that permission.

    • Repeat for each permission option attached to the role.

Feature Administrators can create a general introduction that appears to potential applicants. It can provide an overview of your organization, highlight select positions, identify if and what supporting documents can be submitted with the online application, or guide the applicant through the application process. You can format the text or use standard HTML and incorporate images.

  1. Log into the Campus Portal as an administrator.

  2. Access the Employment Position Application feature.

  3. Click Configure some settings. The Settings for this page screen appears.

  4. Enter the text to appear to applicants when they search for a position.

  5. Use the available options to format the text. You can update font type and text color, use numbered or bulleted lists, include hyperlinks, and paste copied text from another document.

  6. To add images:

    1. Click the Add Image(s) button. The Open window appears.

    2. Browse to the location where the images you want to add exists.

    3. Select the images.


      To select more than one image, press the Ctrl key and click on each one.

    4. Click the Open button. The Open window closes, and the selected images appear under the Add Image(s) button in an image gallery. Select the image to be included and drag it to the appropriate location within the introductory text.  


      Images are automatically displayed as thumbnails. To display the image in its actual size within the text, click the Magnifying Glass icon before dragging it into the text box.

    5. To remove an image from the introductory text, click on it and press the Delete button. To remove an image from the gallery, click on the Trash can icon.

  7. Click the Save button.