Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Standard Features

New Update Image Feature

You can now update images for people and employees from their Summary pages. You can also update images for places, spaces, and suites from their pages in the Facilities hub.

Images must be in .jpg format, and there is no size limit for uploaded files.


Although there isn't an upload file size limit, images are saved to the size they are cropped to.

Click the Edit icon on the image placeholder next to the name to open the Update Image pop-up.

Person page with the profile image Edit icon highlighted.


Clicking the image placeholder opens the Update Image pop-up when you have the appropriate permissions. If you don't have update image permissions, or if you click the image placeholder for any other heading in the system, clicking the image placeholder does nothing. This is a change; click the name link to access the main page of the person, place, or item if you are on one of the subpages.

If you are updating an image for a person, you can choose where that image is displayed in J1 Web. If you are updating an image for a location, you can choose to make the image visible in Campus Portal for locations available in the Event Requests and Student features.

The following permissions have been added to the default System Administration Manager role and can be turned on or off for default and customized System Administration Manager roles.

  • Can update images for employees (on Employee pages)

  • Can update images for people (on Person pages)

  • Can update images for places

  • Can update images for spaces

  • Can update images for suites

Campus Hub Removed from the Navigation Hub Options

The Campus Hub was removed from the Navigation Hub options. Events and Facilities are now accessible from the Core Hub.

Communications Coming Soon!

Many Communications features are available in 2021.1 with a full release and detailed information available in 2021.2. Users assigned to the new Communication Management Base role can start accessing Communication Management from the Core Hub.


Communications lets your school plan, create, manage, and send emails, texts*, merged documents, notifications, and To Dos to any individual or organization associated with your school. These interactions can be tailored to recipients and processes can be sent on demand or as an automated series aligned with important milestones.

*Communications Plus version only.

Image shows the Interactions and Interaction Inventory pages.

Tailor interactions to recipients and processes, and send them on demand or as an automated series aligned with important milestones.


Control access to content using the new Interaction Access options on the Edit Roles page. You can grant registrars access to advising interactions and advisors access to registration interactions to keep them up-to-date on important student information.


Communications College!

To start learning about Communications features, Jenzabar is offering:

  • JAM Sessions (Click this link to register.)

    • Session 271: Communication Tools on Your Campus, Wednesday, June 2nd, 4pm

    • Session 129: J1 Communications Base Functionality, Thursday, June 3rd,1pm

    • Session 130: J1 Communications Overview, Friday, June 4th, 12pm


    JAM presentations will be posted to MyJenzabar on the JAM 2021 and J1 Web, Communications pages after June 4th.

New Notification Center and Message Center Changes

To prepare for the 2021.2 Communication Management release, a few changes to system messages and the Message Center are introduced with 2021.1.

Automated system messages such as changes to permissions or advising cycle milestones previously available in the Message Center are now known as notifications and available in the new Notification Center. Just like the Message Center, the Notification Center is available from the Universal Toolbar and includes several similar features:

  • View Details > options to view notifications in their entirety

  • Links to related information

  • Unread message indicators

  • Filter and sort options to help find notifications

Image shows the Notification Center with callouts showcasing filters, the Universal Toolbar and Notification option, blue indicators that identify unread notifications, and View Details icon to see more information.

Previously sent messages from the system or between you and another are now available in the new Message Archive (Communication Management, Message archive). This archive serves as a repository of any messages sent in a previous version of the software. You can see all the original information in messages you sent, received, or were included on from other users and the system. Filters help you find messages and links let you access more information.

Image shows the J1 Web Message Archive page with call outs highlighting filters and a reminder that messages are view-only, which means users cannot respond to them.
The Help Hub is on YouTube!

A new Help Hub YouTube channel is available for J1 help videos! You can find the latest release news highlight reels as well as videos showcasing features and detailing step-by-steps. Visit the channel, subscribe to stay updated on our latest videos, and send us your suggestions for additional videos!

Help Hub YouTube channel homepage with a screenshot of the Help Hub team waving.