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Texas State Reporting

Texas TSIA Version 2 Tests

The test and test element codes for the new TX TSIA version 2 tests were added to the Compute Student Progress recalc process and now appear on the Texas Success Initiative Student Success window. For more detailed information about setting up the new codes and modifying the RBUs, see the Setup Steps for New TX TSIA Version 2 Tests or the updated J1 Texas State Reporting CBM002. These tests will be added to the CBM002 data collection process in the J1 2020.1 release.

Resolved Issues




For clients that uninstalled EX7, the CBM002 data collection process only included Student IDs because one of the collection methods still pointed to EX7 DLLs. The incorrect EX7 reference has been removed and the process collects the report data as expected.


If a TSI or TSI2 test was processed in the Texas Success Initiative Student Status window, all the test fields got filled in. If a different test was then processed later, the prior TSI/TSI2 essay and ABE test fields continued to display. This caused errors when attempting to save.