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Arkansas State Reporting

Field Changes for Arkansas Non-Credit Workforce Education Reports

Starting Starting with the 2020–2021 academic year, Arkansas Non-Credit Workforce Education reports are annual rather than per term. They're due in the fall of the following academic year.

The State Reporting Snapshot Data window has changed to match the fields needed for the report.

On the Course Detail tab (for the Non-Credit Workforce Education Course File), we made these changes:

  • Added columns

    • Course Start Date


    • Course End Date


  • Removed column

    • Registration Term



    We removed this column from the Student tab (for the Non-Credit Workforce Education Student File), too.

New Unknown Attribute Code for Perkins I Special Populations

When filing the 2021-22 Fiscal Year Perkins I Special Population report, Arkansas now requires schools to track a new Unknown value for students in CTE (Career & Technical) programs. This code distinguishes CTE students who respond to the special populations survey and don’t meet any specific special populations from those that do not respond at all and are therefore Unknown. Any students with no Perkins I Survey PSURV code or one that does not fall within the selected Begin and End dates are now reported as Unknown.

  • Y: Yes, they meet the specific special population

  • N: No, they do not meet the specific special population

  • U: Unknown if they meet the specific special population