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Drop or Keep Students When Canceling a Course Section

When you cancel a course section, you now have the choice of dropping the students or keeping them enrolled.


Students who have completed the course aren't affected when you cancel the course.

On the Courses or Courses Non-Traditional window, when you select the Canceled checkbox, you can edit the date and add a reason. The cancellation doesn't happen until you save.

The Courses window, Course tab, Master 1 subtab showing the "Cancellation" checkbox selected

When you save, if there are enrolled students who haven't completed the course, a pop-up asks whether you want to drop them.

A pop-up message asking whether you want to drop students who haven't completed the course that's being canceled
Resolved Issues




On the Courses window, Web subtab, changing the Type of Registration Limit did not refresh the selected groups list.


On the NSC Degree Verification Data Collection and Transmission window, Prepare Final File tab, users received an error message when attempting to re-populate NSC history if any of the selected records had been deleted in a previous collection attempt.


The IPEDS Completions Part A & B was including non-resident alien students under Unknown race/ethnicity instead of 1 - Nonresident alien.


The holds icon did not appear for some students who did have holds on their record.


On the IPEDS 12 Month report, the Total degree/certificate-seeking column reported an incorrect value.


When users selected a different year/term or course from the drop-downs at the top of the Courses window, a Save pop-up incorrectly appeared.


On the Courses and Courses (Non-Traditional) windows, users were able to change a section schedule's end date to be earlier than the last withdrawal date for that section.


The Ethnicity/Race column on IPEDS reports incorrectly populated as '2 - Unknown' instead of '1 - Non-Resident Alien' when Citizenship Status was set to Nonresident Alien on the Student Information window, Biograph tab, Race/Ethnicity subtab.


On the Degree History List and Update window, adding an Exit Date caused the Date Conferred field to populate with 01/01/1900.


On the Catalog window, schools who have the course edit mask set up without a character between the first two components were unable to add a new variable grading type.