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Accounts Receivable

Resolved Issues




The billing process was not honoring the preliminary charges settings for the billing period when run from the Campus Portal.


On the Student Account Statements and Generate 1098-Ts windows, email notifications were sent to students who do not have the Institution Email and Notification Enabled checkboxes selected on the Address tab of the Name Entity window.


On the Print A/R Statements, Select Billing Periods window, when the checkbox beside a billing period was selected or deselected, the Include on A/R Statements? checkbox on the Billing Period window was also selected/deselected. Changing the Billing Period selection on the Print A/R Statements window should only be changing it for the current statement run, not updating the actual Billing Period table.


The State and Zip Code were misplaced in the 1098-T FILER's box.


The Payment Status for Online Gifts records was not set properly on the Process Internet Submissions window.


When the Generate 1098-T process was run for individuals with a hyphen in their ZIP Code, the ZIP Code was formatted incorrectly on reports and forms for 2020 tax year.