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Resolved Issues




An error message displayed when the Create Regular Payment Invoices process was run for businesses whose vendor name was longer than 45 characters.


Tax refund amounts in TX batches were doubled in J1 2020.x versions.  Versions prior to 2020.x are correct.


On the Create/Edit Purchase Orders window, invoices could be created for POs not yet received, even when the Receiving setting on the Purchasing Module Setup window was set to mandatory before 'Invoice can be created'.


Deleting an invoice did not delete the associated due to/due from transactions.


Miscellaneous Claims file, position 208 showed 'P' followed by zeros for State Code = 700. It now correctly shows 'N' followed by the check number.


1099-NEC information was adjusted to fit the form appropriately, including the amount for Box 1.


A record, positions 28-43 of the 1099-MISC media file contained incorrect characters that caused it to be rejected by the IRS. These characters have been removed from the file to meet IRS submission guidelines.


The following issues with 1099-MISC media file have been corrected:

  • Gross proceeds paid to an attorney were populated as Amount Code A instead of Amount Code C.

  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation was not included in the correct positions in Payee B and End of Payer C records.

  • FATCA Filing Requirement populated ‘0’ in position 548 in Payee B record even if the box was checked.

  • The 2nd TIN was populated with a in position 544 of the Payee B record when the checkbox was selected.

  • State Income Tax Withheld entered on Step 2 displayed as all zeros.

  • Hyphens were included in the Payee's Taxpayer Identification Number positions 12- 20 in the Payee B record as well as the Payer's Taxpayer Identification Number positions 12-20 in the Payer A record.