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Counselor Assignments

The Admissions Administrator uses this feature to assign Counselors and Admissions Officers to other Admission Officers.


A vice-president manages multiple admissions directors and needs to have the directors' information in addition to information related to the counselors that the directors oversee.

Once this global setting is defined via the Site Manager link, these assignments can then be used to filter data so that Admissions Officers can view information for Admissions Officers and Counselors assigned to them as well as Candidates assigned to those Admissions Officers and Counselors. This information is viewed in the Candidate Detail and Admissions Activity features.

How To

  1. Open the Admissions Officers portal.

  2. From the Admissions Officer drop-down list, select the person you want to view or change assignments for. The list contains all persons with the roles specified by the Is Displayed in ADO Dropdown operation defined by the Campus Portal administrator. The names are listed alphabetically by first name, and there is no name selected by default.

  3. All Admissions Officers/Counselors available for assignment to the selected person are displayed in the Available Admissions Officers and Counselors list. Checkboxes are selected for Admissions Officers and Counselors already assigned to the selected Admissions Officer.

  4. You can assign all persons, assign selected persons, or remove selected persons by selecting or clearing the appropriate checkboxes.

  5. Click the Save button.

  6. If you wish, you can select another Admissions Officer to view or change assignments.