Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Set Up Counselor Assignments

J1 Desktop Setup

No configuration setup is required in J1 Desktop to support the Counselor Assignments feature.

Campus Portal Setup

Configuration settings in Campus Portal can be done by roles with permission to access and administer global and portlet settings. If you are an administrator and need help setting up and configuring this feature, see the detailed setup sections below.

Before a user can access Admissions Officer features, they must be assigned to the appropriate Campus Portal role in J1 Desktop. Even though Jenzabar automatically delivers the Admissions Officer role, you may want to create customized roles to control what a user or group of users is able to access when using Admissions Officer features.


Roles are typically set up by the Module Manager or IT Administrator.

Once you have created the role in J1 Desktop and your Campus Portal, they are linked to one another using the Data Import Service (DIS) via HTTP or HTTPS. For detailed information about DIS, please see the "UI Configuration Window" online Help topic in J1 Desktop.

Admissions Officer features require an Admissions Officer role for use in your Campus Portal. Jenzabar delivers a default Admissions Officer role.

If you have already created an Admissions Officer role for your school's use, that is the one you should use when setting up Admissions Officer functionality in J1.

If you have not yet created an Admissions Officer role, follow the steps below to create such a role in J1 Desktop and your Campus Portal and then link the role in J1 Desktop to the role in the Campus Portal.

The appropriate users must be assigned to the Campus Portal Admissions Officers roles.

Use the Counselor Assignments portlet to assign Admissions Officers and Counselors to Admissions Officers.

  1. Log in as the Campus Portal administrator.

  2. From the Counselor Assignment portlet, select the person you want to work with from the Admissions Officer drop-down.

  3. Select the checkboxes beside the available Admissions Officers and Counselors you want to assign to the selected Admissions Officer, or clear the checkboxes if you want to remove assignments from the selected Admissions Officer.

  4. Click the Save button.