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Connect the Campus Portal to J1 Web


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

The ApiRoot configuration in the Campus Portal's ERP Settings establishes a connection between the Campus Portal and J1 Web that allows information to be shared between the systems. It typically only needs to be entered once to work for all web service needs.

For example, the ApiRoot configuration allows J1 Web Events to be available on Campus Portal calendars.

  1. Log into the Campus Portal as an administrator.

  2. From the profile drop-down options, select Site Manager. The Site Manager page appears and displays the Site Settings tab.

  3. Click ERP Settings from the sidebar menu. The ERP settings page appears.

  4. In the J1 API Root field, enter the correct web API root.



    To get your school's API root, take your school's J1 Web URL and add the following to the end of the URL: /api

    For example, if your school's J1 Web URL is, the API root will be

  5. Click Save.