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Configure General Ledger to Use Budget

The Budget tab of the General Configuration window in J1 Desktop establishes how the Budget module interacts with the General Ledger. If the Budget module is used to create, adjust, and monitor budgets, it is highly recommended the G/L budgeting-related windows and fields are disabled. To conceal the G/L budgeting-related fields and windows, select the Hide General Ledger Module windows and fields that display budget information checkbox.


Prior to using the Budget module to create the operating budget, it is recommended that all historical budget information be converted. For more information, contact the Jenzabar implementation team.


Once the Budget module options have been selected, they cannot be disabled.

Advanced Budget Module Options

Hide General Ledger Module windows and fields that display budget information.

  • If this checkbox is selected, the traditional G/L budgeting windows and fields are concealed.  For a full list of the impacted windows and fields, see the Budget module.

  • If this checkbox is not selected, the traditional G/L budgeting capabilities can be used in conjunction with the Budget module.

Use Budget Pools created in Budget Module to trigger spending warnings and errors.

  • Base Percentage Result Info: This figure is used as the basis to establish projected budgets. When the base figure is multiplied by a specified percentage, it will automatically calculate a projected budget.

  • Budget Left to Right through Component: This identifies the component level through which budgeting will occur. The system will allow you to create one budget for each group of accounts that share components through this default value.  

  • Budget Percentages Default: This column allows you to designate which component will contain the default budget percentages. The actual default percentages are set up on the Account Number Defaults window.


If you are utilizing the Budget Module to create your budget, these fields are unavailable because they do not apply to the advanced budgeting process.