Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Check a Worksheet Status
  1. On the main page within the Budget feature, use one of the Search options in the Budget to Prepare for Next Year section to view your worksheets.

  2. Select the View pending and complete worksheets link.

  3. The Worksheet status column indicates the current status of the worksheet. A worksheet can have the following status:

    • Under Preparation indicates budget worksheets are available for entering and updating amounts.

    • Submitted worksheets have been submitted for review by the Proposed Budget Approver(s).

    • Approved worksheets received final consent from the Proposed Budget Approvers, spending can take place against it, and it can be used for budget checking. Changes can only be made through adjustments.


      To view detailed information or contact another worksheet preparer, approver, or reviewer, click on the worksheet title.


      You may also check the status by selecting the worksheet; the Worksheet summary section shows the status of the worksheet.