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Only releases with enhancements or resolved issues for this module have content below.

Updates to the 1098-T Process

Several updates to the 1098-T process and related windows have been made for this release to provide schools with more control over amounts included in the 1098-T reports.

  • New 1098-T Eligible flag on the Setup A/P & A/R Subsidiary Definitions window that allows you to choose which subsidiaries are included in the 1098-T process. Any transactions that are flagged as 1098-T eligible will be required to have a year and term entered on them during transaction entry.

  • New Capping Options on the Generating 1098-T window allow you to determine how Box 1 will be calculated. There are three options, No Cap (used for 2018), Year, and Year/Term.

  • Box 4 (Adjustments to Prior Year) calculations will now be based on payments (amount paid) instead of charges (amount billed) for the 2019 tax year. The process will select all refunds, invoices, and transactions (IV, IM, MN, VD) dated in 2019 with the Eligible 1098-T value of P and a Year/Term from a prior year.

  • 1098-T Audit Reports have been rewritten for simplicity and better performance. Totals for boxes 1 and 5 will no longer appear on the audit reports due to the variation of results and the new capping feature that may alter the actual results of the 1098-T process.

  • Updates to the query for the list of students in the Select Students grid should now match all students who will receive a 1098-T form.

  • The Name Master will now provide a warning message instead of an error message, allowing you to select SSN Verified even if no SSN exists. The warning message will let you know there is missing content in a verified field but still allow you to continue the process or cancel to make corrections.

  • Export to Excel is now available for the list of students in the Select Students grid of the Review and Generate 1098-T options.

  • Import from Excel and Export to Excel are now available on the Maintain Student Year Reporting Data window

  • New Eligible 1098_T Code on the Header tab of the Benefits Control window will allow you to flag appropriate benefits as 1098-T eligible.  When a benefit has an Eligible 1098-T code, the Update Payroll process will require a 1098-T year/term.

  • When the Update Payroll process is run, the system will check the selected batch to see if any included IDs have a benefit code associated with a 1098-T flag. If a 1098-T flag is found, a 1098-T year and term is required.


Which windows and flags will determine the transactions included in a student’s 1098-Ts?

  • Receipt Code Control window:  1098-T Eligible checkbox

  • Define Journal Source Codes window:  Payment Source Code checkbox

  • Year Term Subterm window:  Ensure all year/term and year/term/subterm combinations have valid Start and End Dates

  • Charges/Refunds Definition window:  1098-T Eligibility flag

  • Miscellaneous Charge Codes Entry:  1098-T Eligibility flag

  • Benefits Control window:  Eligible 1098-T flag

  • Create Student Refund Invoices window: 1098-T Eligible payments checkbox

  • Setup A/P & A/R Subsidiary Definitions window: 1098-T Eligible checkbox

  • Fund Master window: Apply to 1098-T Eligible Charges checkbox &1098-T Eligibility flag


Year/Term required on the following windows for 1098-T eligible transactions:

  • Receipt Entry

  • Transaction Entry

  • Financial Aid Transaction Entry

  • Miscellaneous Charges-A/R Charge Entry

  • Invoice Entry

Changes to J1 Desktop Windows for 1098-T Updates


The updates for the 1098-T form processing affects several Jenzabar products, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid Manager, and General Ledger.

To account for the changes in IRS filing requirements for Box 1, several windows have been updated in J1 Desktop.

  • New Apply to 1098-T Eligible Charges checkbox on the Fund Master window to note which scholarships and grants that can be applied to eligible charges. This flag is referenced during the calculation of Box 1.

  • New Payment Source Code? checkbox on the Define Journal Source Codes window to handle custom source codes for payments (including payments from outside sources).

  • New 1098-T Eligible checkbox on the Create Student Refund Invoices window gives the ability to specify a payment 1098-T eligible code for refund checks to a student for a credit balance/over payment so they are included in the calculation for the amount going into Box 1.

  • The Void Vendor Payments process now selects the 1098-T Eligible checkbox appropriately based  on the original Invoice (IV) transaction(s) for the check being voided.

  • Removed the 1098-T Priority field from the Charges/Refunds Definition, Charges, and Miscellaneous Charges windows since calculations are no longer based on eligible charges.

  • Removed the Validate Payments option from the Audit Reports section of the Generate 1098-T window.

  • Moved many warnings and errors on the 1098-T Audit Reports. Warning reports include any errors that have to do with Box values validation. The Included Transactions Audit reports now show any name and address errors. The Excluded Transactions Audit reports now show any 1098-T flag and year/term errors.

  • Require a year and term on the Receipt Entry window if the receipt is assigned a student ID number.

  • Require a year and term on the Miscellaneous Charge Entry window if the 1098-T Eligible value is selected for the charge.

  • Require a year and term on the Transaction Entry window if the 1098-T Eligible value is selected or if the transaction has a payment type source code and a student ID.

  • Require a year and term on the Financial Aid Transaction Entry window if the 1098-T Eligible value is selected for the transaction row.

  • Require a year and term on the Invoice Entry window if the 1098-T Eligible value is selected and a student ID.