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Admissions Activity

Admissions Activity is a read-only feature that allows Admissions Officers and Admissions Counselors to view statistical and configuration information specific to them and any Admissions personnel who report to them. Also, they can view detailed information for Candidates assigned to them or Candidates assigned to persons who report to them.

Admissions personnel can view counts of Candidates, Territories/Regions, and other Admissions Officers and/or Counselors assigned to them. These counts are retrieved from J1 Desktop and only display if the count is more than 0. If all counts are 0, a message alerts you to this fact and no counts are displayed.

  1. Open the Admissions Officers portal.

  2. Under Admissions Activity, click View Detail. The Admissions Activity screen displays contacts and leads.

  3. Click View Candidates to view all your candidates.

  4. Click on a candidate's name. The screen displays any of the following information that is available:

    • Personal Information

    • Addresses

    • Candidaces

    • Program Information

    • Test Scores

    • Previous Organizations

    • Attributes

    • Contacts

    • Admissions Status

    • Folder Items

  5. To make updates, click Update Candidate Information.

  6. To send an email message to a counselor or candidate, click the email address. An email form opens with the email address in the To: field.